Marketing and communication coexist in all areas of life, both for individuals and for   Companies and institutions. This is the area that moves us to all the partners of the agency and we live from the formations that we give in the university, from our day to day in the agency, from the moment we are consumers or from advice that we offer to our clients.
We create, manage and evolve the social network profiles of hundreds of companies. Facebook, Instagram, LikedIn, YouTube, Twitter ... and any social network where we can interact with our clients' target audiences will be the best platforms to offer customer service, open a market or improve the company's reputation.
This is one of our specialties. We are clear that the content is the king, responsible for the success of our communication and marketing campaigns. If we generate high added value content, we will attract the attention of the public and we will achieve loyalty.
Press releases help us make news of our clients known. With these informative pieces we gain spaces in the media that gradually allow us to achieve different objectives; how to boost sales, get calls, report a fact, improve a company's reputation
Every day that passes, investments in online advertising grow, a type of advertising that allows us to segment the details and see the evolution in real time. We create and manage advertising campaigns 2.0 on platforms such as Google Adwords and any of the social networks. magnis dis ...
We work with different Google tools to improve search engine positioning. Google is no longer just a search engine, it is an indispensable tool to improve the reputation of companies. That is why we promote the use of tools such as Google Analytics, Google Alerts, Google Trends or Google Adwords, among others.
The digital environment evolves while changing the consumption habits of the contents. The audiovisual helps us reach new audiences, generate more impact and often also, to viralize content that with other formats would not go so far.
The online market studies allow us to know the sector, whether it is analyzing the competition, the current situation of the company or the different audiences we want to address. Through data monitoring tools we can know the positive, negative or neutral feeling of the users, which will allow us to know the evolution of the reputation of the company or its marketing campaigns.
We have our own method backed by a doctoral thesis that allows us to calculate the ROI (return on investment) of the campaigns we promote from the agency. ( Know more about the method )
We write many contents that we later convert into press releases and send to the media. Finally we offer customers very detailed clippings that allow us to know the scope and interaction of the publications.
It is one of the secrets of the success of many companies, but also the great forgotten of many companies. We do consulting and advice to improve the communication of any company and institution taking into account that the real treasure of a company is its internal audiences.