Our goal is to help our clients improve their performance, integrating sustainability in the way they manage their business and in the relationships of their stakeholders.

We combine sustainability with profitability, seeking the best strategy in trade fair elections where it is better to exhibit based on the product and its positioning.

We negotiate with the fairs the spaces, prices, measures, we organize transport, assemblies, etc., in any fair hall in the world where we believe that it is the best option for your product.

We can add the letter of presentation of your company to the seal of sustainability, presenting itself with sustainable stands in all its elements; furniture, carpet, merchandising, etc.

We want your fairs and events to be as ethical as possible, where you can add your good practices to your sustainability report and your CSR, without forgetting the profitability of your company.

A life-cycle assessment (LCA) (cycle life assessment (LCA), also known as analysis of the cradle to the grave, environmental balance, ecological balance or evaluation of the life cycle (LCA) is a design tool that investigates and assesses the environmental impacts of a product or service during all stages of its existence: extraction , production , distribution , use and end of life ( reuse , recycling , recovery and disposal / disposal of waste / disposal ).

LCA is a methodology that is differentiated by the use of quantitative methods and by its particularity of identifying the key environmental aspects of a product, process or service and quantifying its potential environmental impacts throughout its life cycle, starting with extraction. of raw materials and the production of energy used to manufacture the product, its use and final disposal.

We have technicians and the appropriate software for your exhaustive study of any event generated by your company