Our stand system allows you to reuse structures and exchange printed fabrics.

Go to Fairs, make product presentations or mount any event, we want it to be as sustainable as possible, and available to any company.

We have stands for rent or purchase, all of them, easy to transport, store, assemble and disassemble.

The printing of the fabrics is by sublimation, high print quality where your image is sized. The inks used are water based solutions without solvents or odor.

We provide turnkey keys in the construction of your stand, both in Spain or anywhere in the world. We have a product warehouse distributed in many countries, minimizing the environmental impact, both in transportation, assembly, and raw materials.

We can store your property stand, adapt it in size and graphics and make all the necessary steps to go to any fair that you have scheduled.

Our company values are reflected in the CSR that we have implemented.

Always looking to the future!

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Request the catalog