The fashion sector joins the sustainability movement to improve the environment


One of the professional fields that join the fight for environmental sustainability is the fashion sector. There are many small and medium-sized clothing brands that join this movement.

We understand sustainable fashion as a solution to the conventional fashion of a lifetime. A fight to improve the environment, achieve respect for the human rights of textile workers and the protection of the health of manufacturing with natural materials free of polluting and toxic elements.

The main difference between the large companies in the fashion sector and the SMEs is that they focus on finding cheap labor to achieve the margins stipulated by their boards of directors. It is very difficult to find a sustainability policy in some large multinationals to raise awareness of the importance of this fight.

Pilar Abelló, CEO of N2A Express, explains that " making a purchase of clothing at a very cheap price implies that someone has worked for a low price and in conditions without guarantees. It has been shown that most governments do not act or defend anti-big corporation policies .”

HiCute, sustainable fashion.

For this reason, finding that motivation in the struggle to create sustainable clothing in small and medium-sized fashion companies is great news. One example is the involvement of the HiCute brand, which offers its clients a space where sustainability, quality, femininity and design come together.

It is a fundamental value for the final customer to bet on these products. As this sustainable clothing brand explains, " every little step counts to be as ecofriendly as possible " and, furthermore, ensures that " we have to get the customer used to buying less and of better quality and sustainability ".

HiCute offers a style of clothing with national brands, of great quality, at fair prices and very sustainable for the environment. It is not easy at all to counteract the heavyweight of fast fashion with the involvement of the fashion sector in this type of company with the fight against the environment. However, the mentality of the new generations is changing because they are more socially aware, and are looking for differentiating brands both for design, quality and commitment to sustainability.

N2A Express, as an expert in sustainable marketing since 2008, is very happy to see fashion companies like HiCute join in the fight for the environment. It is very important to unite small and medium-sized companies from all professional sectors in this sustainable movement.