N2A Express reflects on the integration of sustainability in the capitalist system


Capitalism is an economic system centered on private ownership of the means of production where capital prevails over labor.

Speculation, the desire for wealth and the lack of empathy with society make this system unsustainable not only at a social and environmental level, but also at an economic level.

The need to acquire products makes people consume natural resources in an unbridled manner, without taking into account human and animal life and the regeneration of the planet.

For this reason, it is necessary to implement a sustainability plan in the business world to at least try to introduce a sustainable consciousness in capitalist thought.

Pilar Abelló, CEO of N2A Express, explains that "our purpose is to help our clients organize events that are more sustainable and committed to the environment." In addition, he adds that " we work side by side with our clients to understand their needs and help them meet their brand, communication, human resources and environmental objectives" .

The majority of small, medium and large companies are the ones that are betting on addressing the social challenges that society faces, to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) established in the Paris agreement.

We have to start thinking about alternatives to capitalism. One of these alternatives is Regenerative Capitalism.

Regenerative Capitalism

Regenerative capitalism aims to generate exponential growth in economic, social and environmental wealth in order to move closer to a more sustainable development.

Regenerative Capitalism seeks a profound change in the rules, regulations and institutions that govern the markets.

John Elkington was the father of "regenerative capitalism", where he explains that it is not enough for companies to be responsible. Actions must be established to protect the environment, but from a profound structural change.

An example of this is the European Union and its European Green Deal. It is a plan with a large monetary investment to face the economic crisis resulting from the pandemic by transforming the economic system by betting on renewable energies and pursuing carbon neutrality.

Compatibility: Capitalism and Sustainability

If there is a profound change in companies and investors promoting a change in the rules of the game, with the vision of a capitalism that pursues global value and not just monetary value, in line with the economy for the common good.

The Social and Solidarity Economy promotes cultural diversity, harmony and the appreciation of nature, the dignity of work, equality, social justice, mutual aid and fair, equitable and ethical trade.

The Sustainable Development Goals bring these principles together. The 2030 Agenda sets these goals for us by regenerating our economy and communities. We are presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change the economic system so that it gives us the sustainable future we need.