N2A Express explains the importance of certified sustainability of stands at events


The business world is taking giant steps towards the implementation of a sustainability policy, necessary for the protection of the environment.

Today there are many companies that join in promoting environmental responsibility, as part of a commitment in their work environment and with their stakeholders.

In this sense, the fairs and exhibitions sector has not gone unnoticed and the sustainable stand method has become a very important element in business marketing . For this reason, companies dedicated to the design and manufacture of trade fair stands have focused on providing this service of the highest quality.

What is a sustainable stand?

A sustainable stand, also known as green stands, ephemeral eco-architecture and environmentally conscious ephemeral architecture, is a way of conceiving stand design in a sustainable way, seeking to optimize natural resources and manufacturing and assembly systems, in order to minimize the environmental impact of stands on the environment and exhibitors.

N2AExpress is a company dedicated to the manufacture and design of sustainable stands tailored to the needs and preferences of each of its clients. Pilar Abelló, CEO of N2A Express, explains that we take scrupulous care of our designs, materials, emissions and reuse of the stand to the maximum extent possible ”.

The N2A Express procedure starts with a different way of conceiving the design. It adapts to the needs of the client both in its corporate image, in its production and in its manufacturing, incorporating the adaptability of the best sustainable materials.

N2A Express Sustainable Stands

N2A Express has a wide variety of types of stands for fairs or events. Its stand system allows reusing structures and exchanging graphics with different materials. This company is committed to materials that are as sustainable as possible, and within the reach of any company. In addition, to have stands for rent or purchase, all of them easy to transport, store, assemble and disassemble.

One of the main priorities of N2A Express is to reduce the carbon footprint compared to conventional stands. This business action allows this company to offer as much material as possible for rent. In addition, it allows having warehouses in different parts of the world to avoid the costly emissions produced by the transport of materials.

" This is the commitment of N2AExpress with the aim of covering all the needs of companies that wish to convey their commitment and responsibility to sustainability ", says Pilar.

Booth certification

Not only does it provide numerous options for sustainable, modular, flexible and reusable stands, but it also certifies them. Our clients can have their certifications giving value to their brand, verifying their good practices in one of the business activities where the footprint is most marked and where their image is most exposed.