N2A Express bets on sustainable marketing for the organization of business events


N2A Express is committed to the use of sustainable marketing for the organization of business events in order to commit to the environment. It is a tool for sustainable development that tries to permeate the entire functioning of the organization

Sustainable marketing consists of all commercial, promotional and business product actions that help improve the quality of the environment, reducing pollution at the corporate level. Being sustainable is cheaper and fairer with society, if small, medium and large companies bet on this sustainable marketing tool.

N2A Express, as an expert in sustainable marketing since 2008, accompanies and advises companies to produce, promote and claim sustainable products for everyday use. There are four reasons for companies to be more sustainable: legislative pressure, positive publicity, changes in market consumption and differentiation.

Pilar Abelló, CEO of N2A Express, explains that " we start up our collaborators based on the work to be carried out. We do not maintain rigid personnel structures, we only charge our client for each project, without allocating unnecessary fixed costs" . In addition, he adds that " with this formula we can count on the best professionals and give great added value to each project, always offering the best prices" .

Sustainable Consulting: N2ASost

N2ASost, is the new brand of N2A Express, SL, where it helps its clients to make their events more sustainable. They offer advice and consultancy to carry out events under sustainable criteria in line with the SDGs ( Sustainable Development Goals ) defined by the United Nations for the 2030 Agenda .

They offer the turnkey events, with the reports of their sustainable event for the company to include them in their annual sustainability reports. They calculate the carbon footprint generated by your event and offer solutions to offset it. We have all the sustainable products for the production of the event, offering turnkey solutions.

N2ASost is an approved consultant of Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle , certification for the tourism market, which includes any type of event, fair, congress, etc., offering its clients said certification.

" Our goal is to work alongside our clients to understand their needs and help them meet their brand, communication and human resource goals. Always following sustainable marketing hand in hand for a more sustainable work for the environment ", Pilar concludes .